Rental service

We take active action to help reduce the consumption of bottled water in Hong Kong by providing water dispenser to outdoor events

Pink Dot event @ West Kowloon Cultural District ~ September 2016

Greenpeace event @ West Kowloon Cultural District ~ April 2017

We will soon extend our rental service to include water dispensers which can provide hot and cold water.  For enquiry, please email us at [email protected]

Q & A

1. Do water dispensers use electricity?

Yes for those which can provide hot and cold water.  No for those which can only provide water at room temperature.

2. Do water dispensers need to connect to drinking water supply?


3. Is the water coming out from the water dispenser filtered?

Yes, our water dispensers are equipped with Everpure MC2 filter.  Everpure is one the leading brands in small-scale drinking water filtering, alongside 3M, Doulton, etc., and MC2 is its most commonly used model in Hong Kong owing to its high capacity, high flow rate and the high water quality of Hong Kong.

4. What are the terms for the rental?

Rental fee is calculated on per day per water dispenser basis. Please email us at [email protected] for further details.

5. Does the rental service include promotional material?

Two roll up banners on why we should stop consuming disposable bottled water are available upon request.

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