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Plastic waste does not only fill up our landfills, it also spills into the seas and mountains, posing great threats to wildlife. According to 2016 figure, 158 tonnes of PET bottle waste was dumped in Hong Kong everyday, which could be converted to more than 6 million beverage bottles! How does it get so devastating? Bottled water, cheap and expensive alike, have been marketed extensively throughout the city.  While we already have high quality tap water, why spend a thousand time more on bottled water and creating unnecessary waste?


The mission of Water for Free is to raise public awareness of plastic waste pollution issues, and promote the use of dispensers to reduce waste at source.
We realize the insufficiency and inadequacy of the provision of water fountains in Hong Kong. That’s why we need to amplify our voice so that the public and the authority will pay more attention to the issue.



plastic bottles dumped by Hong Kong people everyday


number of water fountains in Water for Free map


years it takes to decompose a plastic bottle


small businesses and civil groups providing free drinking water


Rachel Pang Hoi Yan realized the severity of environmental issue when she suffered from breathing problem due to smog in Beijing where she worked a dozen years ago. Over the years she took part in various environmental campaigns on a part-time basis. Since 2016 she has spent full time on campaigning for Water for Free.

Leo Wong, co-founder and database manager. He goes around Hong Kong to find and record water dispensers.



Water For Free

Water for Free started. With no resources and technology, we simply collected and presented water fountain information on Google Map. Later the same year, volunteer was generously offered to develop and launch the first version of Water for Free iOS app.


Water For Free App Launch

We thanks our second volunteer offer which helped develop and launch the first version of the Water for Free Android app.


Water Fountain Rental Service

We stepped out of the web and appeared amid people in large event and provided drinking water for thousands of people, replacing the use of bottled water.


Water For Free 2.0

Water for Free second version launched, with more useful information and better communication with users.


Installing Water Dispenser, Serving the Community

Sponsored by Great Eagle Holdings and Healthy Seed Parenting, we deliver 50 water dispensers and hold 40 talks on environment.
Jointly organizing with Southern District Council, we provide water dispensers to schools and social facilities, and hold talks and workshops.


Water for Free has grown to a larger network thanks to the following organisations and businesses. Please give them a big hand!

Join Water For Free

Please join Water for Free by contributing your drinking water source to serve the public. Please fill in the Report New Fountain form, and select “Yes” in “Are you the owner of the fountain?”, or you may contact us by email or through our Facebook Page.

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