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Water for Free collects all the locations of water fountains throughout Hong Kong to help users to refill their water bottles while on the go. Let’s work together to reduce the millions of beverage bottles entering our landfills everyday! The new version is being built.  Stay tuned for its release!  The existing iOS version is available to download now.

Browse and upload water fountain photos for easier recognition

In-app reporting, updating, suggesting new water fountain location

Pathfinding features with Google Map integration, to locate any water fountains nearby

More complete water fountain database with opening hours, water temperature, such as hot, cold or room temperature


It is totally free to download and use Water for Free app. We don’t charge fee to small business joining our action. Our water fountain rental service attempts to reduce bottled water consumption at our best effort – the service fee thus collected covers only a fraction of the cost.

Water for Free app 2.0 and website has been developed with money out of our own pockets, and run and monitored by volunteers constantly. Your support will make a difference in our advocacy. In this campaign of “David and Goliath”, we wish we are all David.

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